Programme Details & Rules For Inter School Bhavani Bharti Sanskrit Competition- 2019

  • Students of Grades VI – VIII will recite the extract from Bhavani Bharti by Sri Aurobindo, which is enclosed with this letter.
  • Date of the Competition : 18th November, 2019.
  • Reporting Time : 08:30 a.m.
  • Venue : Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Class VI Recitation of any 8 Shlokas with meaning in Hindi or English from BHAVANI BHARTI
Number of participants : 1
Music is not allowed
Maximum time: 8 minutes
Class VII Recitation of any 10 Shlokas with music & meaning in Hindi or English from BHAVANI BHARTI.
Music will be played only by students
Number of participants : 2 to 6
2 for reciting shlokas together
2 to 4 children for playing instruments. Children reciting the shlokas may or may not play music
Maximum time : 10 minutes
Class VIII A skit based on Bhavani Bharati. You may take any extract or thought from Bhavani Bharati and express it in dialogues. The skit may be in Hindi or Sanskrit.
Maximum time : 5 minutes
Number of participants 3 to 5
  • Time limit for reciting the verses: 8 minutes.
  • Separate prizes for each grade and an overall Winners Trophy.
  • Please send the verses by 10th November, 2019 along with the consent.
  • Children who have participated in recitation in the previous years are eligible to participate only in the skit.
  • Bhavani Bharti Audio and word file link is attached. You may go to download Bhavani Bharati and hear the verses.

Bhavani Bharati Audio link :

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