About Us


To empower every child with the ability to understand and converse in Sanskrit and thereby, bring about a recovery of our national character and values.


To engage in the task of Nation-Building through a transformation of consciousness of students of India through the unique program of Devbhasha – a conversational Sanskrit curriculum.


Samskritam means ‘refined’ or ‘sculpted to perfection.’ It is neither a man-made invention nor a mere facilitator of communication. It is a cultured language for the attainment of culture. Each and every syllable and word in Sanskrit is derived from its root. The sounds of Sanskrit language are root-sounds bearing truth-vibrations.

Devabhasha is an attempt, an experiment, a venture; not just to teach Sanskrit in a most natural way but also to instill values.

In addition to the several lessons for making the students familiar with the structure of the language, in Devabhasha, one finds many beautiful songs, stories, skits, nursery rhymes, verses of various types and other interesting materials which enrich the students and inspires them to delve deep into the many splendors of the language.

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