Esahah Hastah

Listen to Eshah Hastah Dakshinahastah

He Deva Deva Janani

Listen to He Deva Deva Janani

Amalajalam Kamaladalam

Listen to Amalajalam Kamaladalam

Suryah Golah Chandrah Golah

Listen to Suryah Golah Chandrah Golah

Kaa Saa Baalaa

Listen to Kaa Saa Baalaa

Chalami Marge

Listen to Chalami Marge

Ehi Ehi Veera Re

Listen to Ehi Ehi Veera Re

Matrbhume Namah

Listen to Matrbhume Namah

Hasati Gayati

Listen to Hasati Gayati

Namati Ganesham

Listen to Namati Ganesham

Marjariyam Khadati Minam

Listen to Marjariyam Khadati Minam

Vakratunda Mahakaya

Listen to Vakratunda Mahakaya

Govinda Govinda

Listen to Govinda Govinda

Mahalaksmi Namastubhyam

Listen to Mahalaksmi Namastubhyam

Sri Rama Rama

Listen to Sri Rama Rama

Shanka Chakra Gada Padma

Listen to Shanka Chakra Gada Padma

Tava Tattvam Na Janami

Listen to Tava Tattvam Na Janami

Namaste Sharanye

Listen to Namaste Sharanye

Anjana Nandanam Viram

Listen to Anjana Nandanam Viram

Tavaivaham Tavaivaham

Listen to Tavaivaham Tavaivaham

Hastasya Bhaushanam Danam

Listen to Hastasya Bhaushanam Danam

Kakah Krishnah

Listen to Kakah Krishnah

Nasti Lobhasamo Vyadhi

Listen to Nasti Lobhasamo Vyadhi

Acharah Paramo Dharmah

Listen to Acharah Paramo Dharmah

Kunde Kunde Navam Jalam

Listen to Kunde Kunde Navam Jalam

Karagre Vasate Lakshmi

Listen to Karagre Vasate Lakshmi

Samudravasane Devi

Listen to Samudravasane Devi

Gange cha Yamune Chaiva

Listen to Gange cha Yamune Chaiva

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